15 Art Exhibitions To See in London This August

Yaw Obuobi,  Flair , 2015

Yaw Obuobi, Flair, 2015

1. Yaw Obuobi, Threads of Art, Gallery of African Art (GAFRA)

July 14 - Aug 13, 2016

A solo exhibition of recent works by acclaimed Ghanaian-born UK based artist, Yaw Obuobi. Using "strands of wool", Obuobi has developed his own innovative art form. This exhibition highlights his explorations of: culture, memory, beauty, humanity and the hybridity of identity – actualised through his own transatlantic voyages.

2. Mario Alarti, Power of Colour, ContiniArtUK 

June 25 - September 25

Power of Colour features a definitive collection of works that explore the artist’s complex chromatic understanding and deft manipulation of materials. These are unique artistic traits that have earned Mario Arlati recognition in a global arena and the rightful reputation as a ‘master of colour’.


Mike Meire,  La Derniere Rose

Mike Meire, La Derniere Rose

3. Mike Meire, Outside The Visible, Bartha Contemporary

July 8 - September 17

Mike Meire's second solo-exhibition with the gallery includes a new body of predominantly sculptural works, that aim to trigger a range of conscious and emotional responses. The viewer is invited to reflect on often overlooked everyday objects, that make up the fabric of the world that we occupy. 

4. Mark Grotjahn, Pink Cosco, Gagosian Gallery

June 24 - September 17

Pink Cosco is an exhibition of new, large-scale painted bronze sculptures by Mark Grotjahn. His work is inseparable from its present moment, yet willing to make explicit art-historical reference. Grotjahn borrows from Op art, Abstract Expressionism, Pop art, and Renaissance perspective, but achieves effects that reach forward and backward simultaneously. 

5. Gego, Autobiography of a Line, Dominique Levy

May 25 - August 19
The artist’s first solo exhibition in London, Autobiography of a Line includes three monumental sculptures made in the 1970 which embody the palpable sense of entropic geometry and spatial play, a selection of ink drawings on paper, and late works that complicate and question the relationship between drawing and sculpture.

6. Armen Eloyan: Garden, Timothy Taylor Gallery

July 8 - September 3

Eloyan’s images – whether in painting, illustration or sculpture – draw from broad pop-cultural references that can be universally read, regardless of one’s cultural background or language constraints. Garden brings together new large-scale paintings with bronze sculptures, the artist’s first in the medium. 

7. Francesca Pasquali, Metamorphoses, Tornabuoni Art

June 29 - September 17

Metamorphoses showcases the artist’s latest works as well as site-specific installations. At the exhibition’s core lies the basis for Pasquali’s research: the relationship between nature and artifice. Francesca Pasquali is influenced by the heritage of the Arte Povera movement to repurpose mundane objects such as drinking straws, elastic bands, cobweb dusters and broom bristles. 

8. Made You Look: Dandyism and Black Masculinity, The Photographer's Gallery

July 15 - September 25

From studio portraiture to street photography, this exhibition brings together a group of geographically and historically diverse photographers whose imagery explores black masculinity as performance, as play, as invention - in particular through the adoption of a dandy-esque persona.

9. Daniel Sinsel, Sadie Coles

July 14 - August 27

In his fifth exhibition at Sadie Coles HQ, Daniel Sinsel presents a new group of works which probe the distinctions between painting and sculpture, flatness and spatial illusion, bodies and objects. Employing materials ranging from the conventional to the rarefied Sinsel tests and teases apart their aesthetic and symbolic potential. 

10. Continuum, Group Show, Vigo Gallery

June 28 - August 17

A group exhibition of works by James Capper, Keith Coventry, Daniel Crews-Chubb, Leonardo Drew, Ibrahim El-Salahi, Marcus Harvey, Henry Krokatsis, Jason Martin, and Masaaki Yamada.

11. Self-Portraits, Raqib Shaw, White Cube

July 13 - September 11

Self-Portraits includes a series of paintings referencing Old Masters and three bronze sculptures that recall the style of the Renaissance Mannerist period. Shaw's vision is transgressive, explored through highly personal, opulent and fantastical imagery, reflecting a cultural hybridity that combines iconography from both East and West. 

Bernard Jacobson Gallery.jpg

12. Group Show, Bernard Jacobson Gallery

June 3 - August 27

The exhibition will include works by artists Robyn Denny, Bruce McLean, Richard Smith, William Tillyer and Marc Vaux, as well as  Larry Bell, Anthony Caro, Sam Francis, Helen Frankenthaler, Robert Motherwell and Frank Stella.

13. Late Hepworth, Phillips Auction

July 7 - August 27

In celebration of the 5th anniversary of The Hepworth Wakefield, Phillips is honoured to host a specially curated exhibition of work by Barbara Hepworth. Late Hepworth follows the artistic developments in Hepworth's later years, focusing on the last decade of the sculptor's life from 1965-1975. 

14. Summer Show, Sophia Contemporary Gallery

July 27 - September 22

The Summer Show features 8 artists from Europe and the Middle East from different generations working with painting and sculpture: Shahriar Ahmadi, Alfred Basbous, Bahram Hanafi, Arash Lahiji, Erik Saglia, Ramin Shirdel, Mehrdad Shoghi and Mohammad Reza Yazdi. 

15. The Yosemite Suite, David Hockney, Annely Juda Fine Art

June 28 - August 19

The Yosemite Suite is an exhibition of iPad drawings by David Hockney. Completed in 2010 and 2011, this series of prints depicts the dramatic landscape of Yosemite National Park, California. The ‘Yosemite Suite’ continues Hockney’s ongoing engagement with the landscape and conveys the grandeur of this iconic Californian setting.  

Sharon Obuobi